Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am here, and I have been doing something!!!!

See, I told you I wasn't reliable to post frequently. I have good excuses though. I have been pretty darn busy. I have spent the last month or more in my daughters' {Ashley} classroom working on a big project with her class! Before spring break way back in March, they started working on their Colonial America study {they are 4th, 5th, and 6th graders} and Ashleys teacher thought it would be neat to have them do a cross stitch project, and asked if I would teach the kids how to cross stitch. She had this pattern and we went to work. Almost 2 months later actually, we finished. At some point we decided this would be a mother's day gift. The kids were so excited about it, and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately they had a lot of other work to do, so I could only work with them a few minutes here and there throughout the day every day. But we finished last Thursday and they turned out awesome. I stayed up all thursday night and into friday morning {Literally stayed up all night} sewing each of the 26 kids' cross stitching projects into pillows. They turned out incredibly cute, though, and so worth the no night of sleep.

I also started school last week:) I am taking Psych 101. I am excited to have the chance to go back to school, and I will even get in the program I wanted to this fall instead of next fall {or the fall after} like I was supposed to. Lets see I know I have done more things. Ahh yes, I have made some tote bags. 2 for 2 graduates, and 2 for 2 birthdays. I also made this cute little bag that I found on the Craft Magazine blog. It was pretty easy. A little small. But cute nonetheless. I am thinking of making a bigger, matching one to go with the one I made. This one is for picnics. I made some matching napkins, and a baggie for some wet wipes. I am going to make a utensil holder too, and I am not sure what else.

Not to mention, we celebrated a sweet little 6 year olds birthday. {On a few different days, too}

Isabella and I headed to the Blue Tractor {a local restaurant} restaurant for a birthday lunch last week. This was her birthday dessert:

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