Sunday, October 5, 2008


We have started early on the pumpkin carving. The kids received some pumpkins this weekend and couldn't wait to carve them. We are going to go again in about 2 weeks to the pumpkin patch to pick some and and get fresh donuts and apple cider. The place we go every year is closed and we need to find a new place.

It is cooling down here, and the colors are starting to pop. It is definitely fall. We intend to fully embrace the season. Knowing full well it will end quickly. It has been known to snow in October. Yuck. Isabella and Brandons winter coats, snowpants, and boots still fit from last year, and Ashleys new set is on order. I don't really want to think about it, but it is coming, and we need to be prepared. This week we plan to: go to the state hospital where they have hundreds of varieties of trees to pick leaves for Isabellas classroom and for home::start on my fall quilt {a little late, but it just kind of came to me that I wanted to make one, so know I am gathering fall colored fabrics}::Decorate the house for fall::break out the hot chocolate for daily drinks::make some apple pie and maybe some apple crumb pie.

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