Monday, June 23, 2008

organic clothing

So, I am thinking ahead for fall, {Always like to be planning} and I am realizing that all three of the kids are going to need almost all new clothes. At least Isabella, and Ashley and Brandon need quite a bit. So, I am on the search for Organic clothing, but not blah clothing for them. And my search is leading me nowhere. There are Sooooo many companies catering to baby organic clothing, but nothing for kids {mine are 6,8 and 10} I really want to think this through and not make impulse purchases and buy "junky" clothes. You know polyester and such. And really I can not afford a lot or very expensive clothing. I guess, I am going to have to really take my time, and check labels. Any ideas on what companies, besides patagonia, cater to the kids and are eco friendly. I am more of a GAP person, really, but I just want to be more conscious of materials, and things. I will update on anything I find, but it is hard!!!!

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